morchang Musical instrument

our jew harp music is very good and The design is very impressive. It is completely handmade, we still manufacture it in the ancient Indian style. Jaw harp are available for good quality on this side.

Our family has been in Rajasthani morsing for many centuries.


Our ancestors have been building morchang musical instruments for many centuries. This is our ancestral and caste work, our caste is from Gadiya blacksmiths. And our main task is to make iron tools. But in the whole of Rajasthan, only our family manufactures the musical instrument morchang. Morchang is known by many different names in the world. Among them mainly its names are – mouthharp, morchang, morsing ,vargan ,khomus ,parmupill ,doromb ,jewsharp ,jawharp. Our ancestors used to create morchang for folk artists. At present, we send morchang all over the world. At present, only our family makes morchang. We have been morchang for musicians of the world for more than 20 years.We manufacture morchang in many designs and metals. They manufacture morchang in metal of iron, brass, copper and silver. We make each morchang very carefully than hand made morchang. Even today, we manufacture Morchung with our ancient construction style